More than a team!

Let’s talk about sports. More precisely a very famous world brand, which curiously sport in which it acts is not the most practiced in the world.

tattooForget Flamengo, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Lakers, these brands not important near the New York Yankees, the baseball team that transcended the sporting environment and became one of the most important symbols of urban fashion.

Today, anywhere in the world can find at least one person sporting a cap with the logo of the brand. The Yankees are unanimous, even acting in a sport that is not the most popular of his country, losing to football.

One symbol of the New York City, considered the Capital of the World, located in the popular neighborhood of the Bronx, with his temple Yankee Stadium, the team has existed for over 100 years, is the greatest champion of the MLB, american league baseball and has a value of US$ 2,5 billion market, being considered one of the most valuable sports team in the world*.
The Yankees brand is a lifestyle , it’s extremely traditional, with a fanatical fans, is an important part of New York culture, involving famous athletes from other sports and countries, musicians, people around the world and represents a neighborhood so peculiar that houses people from different backgrounds and social classes as the Bronx.


NY Yankees – Our history. Your tradition!


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